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Förderforum Frankfurt (Oder) e.V.
Puschkinstr. 19
15236 Frankfurt (Oder)

+49 (0) 335 521 06 58

Förderforum Frankfurt (Oder) e.V.
Puschkinstr. 19
15236 Frankfurt (Oder)

+49 (0) 335 521 06 58

Play and learn in small groups

Modern adventure rooms and a big garden invite the children from the age of 1 year to play, learn and have fun. The unique personnel key, the generous amount of space and the innovative new pedagogical concept in the EinSteinchen daycare center guarantee optimal care for each individual child.

Our experienced staff has a talent friendly view, that creates trusting relationships.

We provide comfortable a nest warmth and a delightful everyday life full of beautiful challenges.

Information about the Kindergarten

Age groups of the children

For children under three years of age, we have designed a separate crèche area with a much smaller group size and a much higher staff key. In the two groups "Stargazer" and "Sun Children", four educators, one nursery teacher and one trainee look after an average of 20 children between the ages of 1 and 3. Depending on the project the team is supported by a member of staff from the KidsEnergyAcademy (KEA).

Due to the unique conditions the youngest children can settle in very quickly and develop excellently. We make sure that the children of crèche age have a well-structured daily routine, which always takes the individuality and special needs of the children into account. We provide a comfortable nest warmth and create an age-appropriate daily routine with plenty of space to experience and relax.

After their 3rd birthday the children change groups and join the  „Reasearcher Mice“ of the kindergarten. Once they are well accustomed and oriented, they jump into the group of "natural scientists". Our pre-school children are looked after in the group of "world discoverers". At the moment we supervise 32 children while they are playing, making music, experimenting, doing handicrafts and have a lot of fun. The children are cared for by 4 kindergarten teachers as well as two freelancers according to project. We look after highly talented children in an integrative manner in all groups.

Opening hours
Open every day from 6.30 am to 5.00 pm
Closing times

The facility closes 3 weeks in the summer. The summer break always takes place during the last 3 weeks of summer vacation in the state of Brandenburg.

Between the turn of the year, the facility is closed from Monday in Christmas week until Friday in New Year's week.

Per Kita year, the facility closes on two additional team retreat days and on one continuing education day for the pedagogical staff. These will be announced at the beginning of the year.


Monthly parental contribution according to the kindergarten fee regulations of the city Frankfurt (Oder).

Additional costs: 3.00 Euro/day for the generous space and project-related additional personnel. The amount is charged as a lump sum of 60 Euro/month. NO additional costs will be charged for the extensive programme of individual talent support in all areas (excursions, experiments in the Children's Laboratory, visits to the KinderEnergieAkademie, dance and theater, language projects, early music education, visits to theater and cinema, sports, health education, traffic education, sensory training in the day care area).

Lunch: 2,25 Euro/Day

drinks, fruit, breakfast and snacks: included

Enrollment and deadlines

You can easily enrol your children with us directly at the day care center. Please contact our head of the admissions committee, Mrs. Thiel, weekdays from 12:30 to 13:30 by phone at 0335 5210658 or by mail at

Here you can request a place

KITA Einsteinchen

EinSteinchen started out in 2008 and has undergone extensive renovations over the years. The house was restructured and modernized between the years 2012 and 2014.

A community group room, two playrooms that cater to the different playing needs of girls and boys (doll's house and robbers' den), children's restaurant, kitchen, quiet/sleeping room, age-appropriate sanitary facilities, a fully equipped children's laboratory, a theater room with sound road, studio, a pre-school classroom with a computer point and library, workshop

Outdoor facilities

A large garden is attached to the back of the building.

Playground with large slide, swings, merry-go-round, climbing frame, sandpits, playhouse, adventure area with pirate ship, climbing course and roller parade (under construction), soccer field, sensory path, willow branch tepee, fireplace, large movement construction site, flower, vegetable and herb beds, stone oven built by the children themselves, in which baking is done at parties

For the youngest

In autumn 2013 we opened a new area for the youngest with 30 additional spots.

Group room, play and activity room for the sun children, a play room and a multi-functional room for the stargazers, sleeping room, a children's restaurant, a checkroom, carriage shed and a sanitary unit, protected outdoor area within the playground and garden

In contrast to conventional regular facilities, the "EinSteinchen" Kindergarten pursues the goal to positively influence the development of the children by 

  • Encouraging attitude and behavior of educators towards gifted children

  • Adequate play and learning environment for gifted children

  • Specific support for gifted children

in addition to its statutory educational mandate.

We assume that children have a natural thirst for knowledge, which they should live out in the day care center.

The goal is to educate the children to be responsible, free thinking and independent people towards themselves, others and the environment. We encourage the children's thirst for research, invention and knowledge and encourage them to find that it is worth asking. We support the children in developing their own children's culture. In this way, we support the children's personal development and revive traditional values.

Parental involvement

The continuous, intensive cooperation between parents and educators is a key feature of "EinSteinchen". The parents, as experts of their children, are of utmost importance to us and we attach great importance to a good cooperation.

EinSteinchen main topics

The 3 phases of promoting giftedness
1. Attitude and behavior of educators for gifted children

The educators strengthen the independence and curiosity of all children. Creative processes often begin with a good question. In the "EinSteinchen" daycare center, the educators are able to ask the highly gifted children the right questions at the right time to initiate independent creative processes.

2. Play and learning environment for gifted children

Many very different activities are possible at "Einsteinchen": many different ways of activity, playing theater, dancing, experimenting, reading, telling stories, discussing, puzzling, creating with different materials, crafting, painting, cooking, making music, playing on the computer.

3. Specific support for gifted children

Through precise and targeted observation and intensive communication with the child, the educators find out what is particularily interesting to the individual child.

Individual projects

Our children are very inquisitive. That is why we continuously create new projects in our day care center. Their contents are adjusted to the age of the children.

Project work means: looking at something intensively, grasping it with all senses and engaging with it over a longer period of time. Topics arise from ideas, a problem or a question, which answers need to be explored. Together with the kindergarten children, we discuss how the project should be realized. Everyone is involved in the organization and implementation according to their abilities. There are individual projects for individual children or projects within the framework of the entire house.


Individual reference systems structure the open group work and make rules, duties and rights perceptible and tangible for the children. Fixed rituals enable a high level of value communication and the development of valued behavioral traits.

Group work with a maximum of 10 children enables individual care for each child by qualified and experienced personnel. We support the development of personality and guide the development of strong self-confidence.

Free playing

Play is the main activity for children. Playing means learning at the same time. When children play, they learns. It enables them to discover the world creatively and imaginatively. That is why there is a lot of playing here at EinSteinchen. There are stimulating play areas available for the children inside and outside. As outdoor activities in fresh air are highly important, we make sure to take the children outside every day.

In the area for the youngest children, special play and adventure rooms are available for them to play and learn with all their senses. Numerous materials and toys for children under 3 years of age offer the best opportunities for an independent exploration of the world to our youngest.

Pre-school work

Our most important goal is to enable the children to approach primary school with confidence and joy. To achieve this, it is crucial that they find their way around in social groups, learn conflict resolution mechanisms and show social interest. Every child is curious and has the interest to learn and experiment. In addition to fixed daily activities that provide security, orientation and a systematic approach, the children are encouraged in a playful manner and according to their individual level of development.

This includes finger games, rhymes, singing and reading aloud, as well as learning rules of conversation and constructive interaction with each other. We cooperate with numerous elementary schools and can thus ensure an optimal transition phase from kindergarten to school.

Health and nutrition
Health Education

For active health education we have 3 important topics:

Dental Care

We brush our teeth daily with the children after breakfast and lunch. We work closely with the dental services of the city in Frankfurt (Oder). We even have been awarded the title "Kita mit Biss". 

Movement education / More outside than inside!

Outdoors, sensory stimuli are very clearly perceptible and meet the great urge for movement of children. Movement outdoors means to be free, to be able to secure retreat possibilities at any time and to make own experiences for the children. In the fresh air there are plenty of opportunities for movement, jumping and romping. Children are able to be much louder outdoors than indoors. Aggressions are reduced by themselves and attention increases. Positive learning effects follow.


We pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet. It is especially important to us that the meals are prepared in a child-friendly way. We pay attention to a pleasant food culture with fixed rituals. Lunch is provided by the "Omas Schlemmerstübchen" services. The children actively participate in the preparation and post-processing of the meals and the snacks and thus acquire basic knowledge in the areas of healthy nutrition, housekeeping and train their skills in cooking and baking.

Every day, the employees create an attractive and challenging daily routine for the children at EinSteinchen. In doing so, the employees take into account the implementation of the individual educational areas in accordance to the "Common Orientation Framework for Educational and Care Facilities for Children in the State of Brandenburg".

In addition to everyday activities, where special emphasis is placed on good childlike communication and age-appropriate social interaction between the children, the program includes parties and celebrations or even excursions into urban space. The monthly visit to the sports hall in the upper school center in Potsdamer Straße with a sports group program suitable for children, age-appropriate guided tours in museums, churches, the city hall or a day in the wildlife park, "Theater Frankfurt", in the children's and youth library or in the European University "Viadrina" offer new experience and adventure spaces for the children. In this context, the children get a connection to their immediate environment and their city and learn to orientate themselves in traffic and on public transport.

For the children at the day care center, we arrange the daily routine in such a way that there is plenty of space and time for an individual approach of each child. Numerous offers within the daily routine train the children's senses and sharpen their perceptive abilities. They are thus well prepared for the further challenges that await them in the kindergarten period.

Whenever the kindergarten children "Sonnenkinder" are on the road in Frankfurt or in the Oder region, they explore the closer environment around EinSteinchen during this time. The programme includes walks to the "Lokbad" (locomotive pond) or the "Schwänchenteich" (little swan's pond) and to the many beautiful public playgrounds in the surrounding area. The close proximity of the numerous play and experience spaces to the KinderEnergieAkademie and the kindergarten invites for visits. For the stargazers, we use the peace and quiet in the house and garden to experience Snoezelen (from the Dutch for: smelling and dozing) together with all senses.


All EinSteinchen are happy to go on a journey for discoveries. We choose the destinations according to the age of the children. Therefore we are regularly on a big expedition on foot, by bus or by train. On these trips, our children get to know the city and the Oder region better and get their bearings in traffic.

In addition to trips to the immediate vicinity of Einsteinchen, to the Rosengarten Forest or to the city center, the programme for older children also includes further tours to Lake Helene, Fürstenwalde and Berlin.

Musical education

During the processing of our project ideas, singing and making music together has its fixed place. The children learn numerous songs and melodies and practice the use of rhythm and sound instruments. Our staff has a wealth of experience in early music education. In each department there is one staff member who plays an instrument and supports the groups in performances and presentations.

For making music together, the children can use the Klangstraße in the theater room. Here our numerous music, sound and rhythm instruments have their place. After successful musical rehearsals, the children regularly create small programs which they present to the other children, parents and grandparents. A highlight every year is the Christmas season. Here our star singers are on the road in the city and present a Christmas programme to our cooperation partners.

Experiments in the children's laboratory
Research means being curious.

This childlike curiosity can be particularly well satisfied in the charming surroundings in the rooms and garden of EinSteinchen.

All groups are regularly involved in different research projects according to project and age. Through child-oriented experiments and lots of fun, the children discover exciting natural phenomena. The children have the time and space to try out, discover and explore new things very individually and independently.

For the kindergarten children there are regular excursions into the colorful research world of the KidsEnergyAcademy (KEA). Together with the KEA lecturers, they research, experiment and try things out with a lot of fun and enjoyment.

Peggy Zecha

Management & Educator

Petra Schulz

Deputy Management & Educator

Angrist Thiel

Team leader & Educator

Oliver Frydrysiak


Anja Wagner


Sebastian Thiel


Jenny Lenz


Elisa Mau


Heike Steinborn


Johanna Schenk


Sarah Müller


Franz Zecha

Experience pedagogical Educator

Gerald Boettcher


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Service employee