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Our youngest.

Building upon the natural curiosity of children and encouraging their interest in the variety of life, recognizing and promoting the colorful facets of intelligence, supporting small personalities in their development - this is what we see as our educational mission. Our experienced staff has a talent friendly view that creates trusting relationships. We provide a comfortable nest warmth and a delightful everyday life full of beautiful challenges.

What is the Kids Energy Academy?

At the Kids's Energy Academy (KEA), children can come into contact with science and technology at an early age. Enthusiasm and interest in scientific phenomena and laws and their implementation and application in everyday life are awakened in the children.

We offer living lessons in the StudentLab

Elementary school classes can attend events according to their curriculum in our well equipped rooms. The topics in the Science classes are worked on with all senses and focussing on practical relevance.

Find suitable support options for your child during counseling, so they can develop further and according to their own talents.

The advice center accompanies the individual development of cognitively (highly) gifted pre-school and primary school children and their families in order to support a relaxed, healthy family life that nurtures the child's development. We offer lectures and seminars on the topic of promoting giftedness for parents and educational specialists.